Current Applications of
From Genes to Species

by Yeşim Aydın Son and Tolga Can


     As biological sciences is one of the top disciplines with the fastest growing data collections, utilizing informatics approaches for the collection, storage, analysis and presentation of the biological data has led to the rise of Bioinformatics as an emerging interdisciplinary research area, especially after the completion of Human Genome Project.
     This workshop aims to introduce frequently used genome browsers, bioinformatics tools for the analysis of DNA and protein sequences, protein structure prediction and will discuss two current topics in the area of network databases and modeling evolution. The main focus will be to teach how to access, handle and interpret the rapidly expanding amount of biological information and introduce widely used bioinformatics tools on each topic.
     Practical sections will emphasize on how to use the computer and bioinformatics applications to aid in biological research. Different modules will be organized for each topic so the participants can choose, mix and match the topics of interest.

Target Audience

While organizing this workshop our goal is to be able to reach to a wider community of biologist and bioinforma-ticians, and train them on the practical aspects of bioinformatics.

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