microRNA expression and
sequence analysis

by Özlen Konu


     microRNAs regulate expression of genes involved in cell proliferation/growth/death and in development. They are also spatially and temporally regulated themselves. The patterns of expression with respect to tissue-type and developmental stage can be analyzed in a species-specfic manner.
    Furthermore, it is possible to compare microRNA expression profiles from different organisms (e.g., human, mouse, and zebrafish) to determine the extent of conservation in expression. microRNAs might also exhibit consensus seed sequences; a group of microRNA with a particular type of seed sequence might be similar in their expression pattern.
     All those questions can be analyzed by means of databases and meta-analysis tools which gather data from multiple data sources and integrate them to present the user with different analysis options. Multivariate analysis of expression datasets are powerful both for being able to extract emergent properties of expression as well as for visualization and pattern recognition. In this workshop, the attendees will perform multivariate data analysis for selected human, mouse and zebrafish microRNA datasets using mESAdb, a regularly updated database for the multivariate analysis of sequences and expression of microRNAs from multiple taxa. mESAdb features selected statistical analysis and visualization packages written for the R language and allow comparison of expression among human, mouse and zebrafish microRNA expression datasets. The database can be accessed from here.

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