Translational Bioinformatics

by Ralf Hofestädt and Can Türker

Aims and scope

     Translational Bioinformatics involves the application of information technology to analyze and manage large molecular and medical data sets resulting from gene sequencing or related techniques. Bioinformatics cover a large area of research with challenging questions in domains such as medicine, (bio-) chemistry, environmental research or molecular biology. Not only recent technological developments like DNA sequencing allow the generation of large and very complex data sets in these fields. Often such data is no longer manageable by human experts.
     Challenges are e.g. in the context of high-throughput processing to handle the high frequency of incoming data and the high-dimensionality by means of a large number of measured features. Also the structure of the measured data is often challenging because the data may be very heterogeneous combining different measurement sources - or can be of high-content type. Methods of Bioinformatics Medical Informatics have the potential to be used to pre-process, model and analyze molecular and medical data focused on specific medical questions.
     A very effective way is to extend explicit or implicit medical and/or molecular data using database integration or text mining tools. Therefore, complex biomedical knowledge networks can be currently analyzed based on molecular and patient data.


Topics of interest

Database integration Analysis of metabolic networks
Molecular data warehouse Pathway analysis for drug design
Molecular textmining Molecular diagnosis
Visualization and animation Models for metabolic network analysis
Integrative microarray analysis Combined dry and wet lab studies

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline 31st January 2011
Notification of acceptance latest 28th of February 2011.

Workshop Organizers

Prof.Dr. Ralf Hofestädt Uni Bielefeld
Dr. Can Türker ETHZ


Accepted abstracts are invited for oral presentation. Accepted abstracts will be published as conference proceedings and full papers are invited for the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics.

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