Scope of the Symposium

HIBIT 2011


We welcome submissions from the listed areas but will also consider papers with related topics from close areas.


Health Informatics

Electronic Health Records and Standards
Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems
Telemedicine and Mobile Applications
Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis
Health Informatics Education
Security, Ethics and Privacy
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in HI
Medical Signal/Image Analysis and Visualization
Medical Imaging and Instrumentation
Virtual Reality and Simulation
Medical Transaction Provision Systems



Biomolecular Sequence Analysis
Comparative Genomics
Biomedical Genome Research
Microarray Informatics
Protein Expression and Modifications
Protein Interactions
Protein Structure Prediction
Biomedical Proteome Research
Genetic Networks
Systems Biology
Text Mining and Information Extraction
Evolution and Phylogeny
Structural Bioinformatics
Biologically Inspired Control Systems
Computational Neuroscience